Thunderbird paint color codes are available for years 1955-1971. Choosing a color code will show all years that code was used. Choose a year for available color names, codes, color descriptions, and mix codes. If you are sure about the precise color name, choose it. If you know the mix code, search for it.
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"Color Name" is the marketing name used by Ford in brochure, color samples, dealer displays, etc. It is not necessarily a logical or concise description of the actual color, especially in the 1950s and 1960s. The Color Name was chosen to appeal to potential buyers. Often the same actual color was "recycled" using new Color Names.
About Two-Tone Paints: AM or AM1 means the same thing (A lower, M upper). Search for code A and code M separately; disregard the trailing number. 6P6Y means color 6P and 6Y. Single-character color codes were used 1971 and earlier. Double-character codes were phased in starting in 1970, and the only type used starting in 1972. Some very late 1957 cars have a trailing number; disregard.